Run Seattle Run Sticker


Have you seen this sticker around Seattle? Wondering what the heck it is? Who's running and where? Better yet, why?

Run Seattle Run is a collection of men's and women's running apparel by Seattle's own Kaidel Sportswear. Each garment comes with one of these stickers. Unfortunately, the stickers cannot be purchased separately at this time.

The clothing line and accompanying sticker were created to celebrate running in the Seattle region. Run Seattle Run is not one specific race on one specific day but rather a call to all runners...

- to lace up

    - log the miles

        - pound the pavement

            - crest the next hill

                - conquer the trail

                    - crank up the treadmill 

.               get the heart pumping, break through training barriers and achieve new personal bests.

Run Seattle Run is about local runners doing what they love. Passionately running.

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