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One of the true pleasures of our roles here at Kaidel is providing the best possible customer service to our customers. It is a core value of our little company and a mission we take very seriously. After months spent designing and producing our products, it's an amazing feeling to get these products we've fallen in love with in to the hands of our customers. We strive to ensure that everything we do is customer-friendly, quick and easy so everyone has time to do more running and riding!

That's why it's immensely rewarding for us when customers like Rob Cahill give us a little pat on the back. Thanks Rob! 

We recently received this note from Rob written on his packing slip:

Rob's note:

Good morning Dana (or whomever)

This entire customer experience has been superior on every level. Specifically, the order process was smooth as silk, the two-day x-country delivery superb + the direct customer service simply outstanding! And I would be remiss not 2 add how wonderfully user-friendly this return process is too. FYI, in essence this is really an “exchange” b/c as you can tell by the returned item (+ packing slip) the first jersey I purchased was too large.

Thank you – Thank you

- Rob

We also greatly value product reviews submitted by our customers on our store page for the product they purchased. We recently had a super fun "small world" coincidence occur when one of our Seattle customers bumped into a British gentleman wearing a Kaidel jersey at the British Museum in London! Wow, what are the chances of that?! Sure, as entrepreneurs we sometimes have the dream where Kaidel sportswear fashion becomes "the new black" and takes the global sportswear world by a storm, but then we slowly drift back down to reality and focus on celebrating the Pacific Northwest. Thus, the London sighting was pure delight for us.

Tim, the British man, later submitted a product review on the product page for his green Pacific Northwest Cycling Jersey

Tim's review comments: i received this a present, and it's the only one I've seen in London! It was distinctive enough to get noticed by visitors from Seattle when was out & about here. It's well made and has three pockets at the back. 
The zip is good and long, so on hot days you can get a bit more air.

Here's the photo the Seattle folks snapped of Tim and sent to us:

Thanks all for your comments and stories this summer. Like us on Facebook to enjoy more and follow them as they happen.

It's a pleasure hearing from you! Keep the comments coming. We love hearing from you. Email me at dana@kaidelsportswear.com

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