Run, Seattle, Run! Kaidel introduces running apparel

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It's been awhile since my last post. We've been busy creating something new and exciting.

As a follow up to our warmly received Pacific Northwest-themed cycling jerseys, we decided to expand Kaidel's focus to include running as well as cycling. I've always enjoyed both sports. Some days I bike, some days I run. Depends on all sorts of factors like the weather, who's going, the amount of time I have, what I'm training for and what I did yesterday. Regardless, I always enjoy the exercise. I hope that many of you are passionate about running as well.

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Introducing Run Seattle Run

Run Seattle Run is the name of our new running apparel collection. "Run Seattle Run" captures the enthusiasm of the local running community. It celebrates running in the Seattle region. It's a call to Seattle runners to set the alarm, lace up, log the miles, crest the next hill, conquer the trail and crank up the treadmill. A call to get the heart pumping, break through training barriers and achieve new personal bests. Run Seattle Run is about local runners doing what they love. 

The Run Seattle Run Apparel Collection

The Run Seattle Run collection of running apparel includes men's and women's short and long sleeve shirts, hats and jackets. Each of these new items reflects our ongoing commitment to deliver exceptional, quality athletic apparel that performs and looks great. To meet this high bar, we've utilized the latest tech fabrics and print technologies resulting in garments that move with you, keep you comfortable and feature striking designs in vibrant colors. 

We're excited that our women's tops will be for sale the first week of December and are available this holiday season. The women's and men's hats will go on sale later in December, followed by the men's shirts and men's and women's jackets in January. Look for future posts here with details and images of the upcoming items as we get closer to their availability date.You may also notice our website undergoing some heavy remodeling as we add running to the mix.

Women's Tops Styles

3 women's long sleeve running top styles: a magenta and purple SEATTLE (pictured above), an ocean blue SEATTLE (pictured above), and a purple and orange forest trees, ferry and Mt. Rainier design.

3 women's short sleeve running top colors: purple (pictured above), blue (pictured above), or black. Each features the circular Run Seattle Run logo on the front. The black style also includes the names of Seattle's neighborhoods on the back. 

Women's Slideshow           Browse Women's Tops

Where to Buy

These new items will be available in local retail stores as well as for sale on this site. Look for updates on this Blog and on our Stores page regarding which stores have our running apparel. 

To stay current on our latest news and product announcements, please visit our Facebook page and Like Us. You can look forward to more exciting new cycling and running designs in 2013. 

I look forward to sharing more details soon. Til then, as my grade school bus driver used to say, "It's time to put your feet to the street, and your knees in the breeze!"

Happy holidays,


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