A Sunny Day in Seattle

Posted on March 07, 2012 by Dana Armstrong | 0 Comments

This week we've had snow, rain, clear blue skies with bright sunshine, rainbows and now they're saying we'll get snow again soon.  March - "in a like a lion" - so true.  But what I'm looking forward to is the "out like a lamb".  

Snowden and I bike year-round and, I have to admit, on those dark, cold, rainy nights when we're 2 of only handful of brave cyclists out riding/commuting I feel very hard-core and am always glad we did our ride.  But I'll be the first to say give me some sunshine, a few hours, and my bike and let me RIDE!  Longer days are coming soon,  For those of you who hang up your bikes for the winter (I pass no judgement - cold, dark, wet rides are not everyone's cup of tea) it's time to dust off those bikes and take them in for a tune up so you'll be ready for that "perfect day to ride".  

Spring is right around the corner!  Come ride with us!

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