2012 jerseys have arrived!

Posted on March 07, 2012 by Snowden Armstrong | 0 Comments

We got our spring/summer 2012 jerseys in! 

We worked with our designers through the grey winter months here in Seattle to come up with a series of designs that capture what we love about living and riding in the Pacific Northwest. 

I won't lie to you, it's fun to design jerseys. We conduct extensive "field research" that involves riding around a lot, testing out the technical details like fabric, fit and cut. Our jerseys have to perform, feel great and look great. Every time we take our jerseys for a test ride we're reminded why cycling is simply an awesome way to get the heart pumping and soak up the outdoors.

The art design process was much like laying down cuts for a record, we went into the studio, put lots and lots of ideas down, and then got super critical with ourselves about which nailed it and which to shelve for possible inclusion 20 years from now in a far too exhaustive retrospective collection for collector's who just can't get enough Kaidel. Ah, to dream of such a collector ; )

The end result of our product creation process is 3 designs that are available today: a Classic Racer 'Seattle' design inspired by our favorite retro jerseys of the past, a Scenic Northwest design inspired by the amazing views we experience every day here in the Puget Sound region, and a fun Seattle waterfront and Space Needle design featuring illustrations from the book "Larry Gets Lost in Seattle".

And now that we've got the ideation process rolling, we can't stop. We're working on delivering more designs this season so join our email newsletter list to be the first to know when they become available. 

We hope you like our new jerseys. I welcome your feedback and ideas. Email me.

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