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There are so many reasons we cyclists ride bikes. We race. We commute. We cruise. We tour. And sometimes we venture out to explore. To see our neighborhood, city, state, country or planet in a new way with our eyes wide open. Our 2-wheeled friend allows us to cover plenty of distance at a pace that lets us soak it all in, stopping as little or as often as we wish. The bike is the perfect adventure vehicle for exploring and discovering our world around us.

Exploration of our towns, cities and surroundings has been core to our idea for Kaidel Sportswear since its inception. Sure, we love to travel to far away places and soak it all in by bike, but we also love the simple joy of exploring nearby neighborhoods by bike with our kids.  

To celebrate the bike’s ability to enable us to explore our world and take us on magical journeys, we’re pleased to announce our new Explore collection of men’s and women’s bike jerseys. These club cut jerseys have a somewhat relaxed fit that’s perfect for exploring the backroads outside of town or an extended biking vacation.

Designs include our popular classic racer stylings with retro-inspired stripes, a new take on the great outdoors with misty trees on the front and majestic mountains in the distance on back, and a black classic with vertical stripes front and back.

Hope you decide to wear one of these on your next cycling adventure. If you do, please post your photos to our Facebook page or Tweet or Instagram to @kaidelsports #explore

Pump up the tires! Fill the water bottles. It’s time to explore!


Other bike jerseys available:



By the way, if you're interested in taking a cycling vacation, here are few bike tour operators I personally recommend:

Great Explorations - based out of Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Operate fabulous trips all over the globe. 

Bicycle Adventures - based outside Seattle, Washington, USA. Lots of trips in the USA, Canada and New Zealand. Great choice for Pacific Northwest USA cycling trips.

And a guide to bike tours around the globe: biciklo

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